With MurPay's revolutionary mobile payment technology, you can use your cell phone to purchase the highest quality gasoline at the lowest price* every day.

Sign up for your free MurPay account and we'll send you a text message when your account is active. Before filling up, simply send a text message to 304050 with the amount you plan to spend (up to $200) on your Murphy USA visit, and we'll send you a MurPay code that you can enter at the pump.

These codes expire after 24 hours and may be used only once.


When you enter your MurPay code and the Customer Verification Number (CVN) you created upon signup, the gas price at the pump will automatically roll back to the cheapest gas price posted in the last 24 hours or 3 cents off per gallon, whichever is less. *

When you pay with MurPay, the money you spend is automatically debited from your checking account, without the hassles of carrying a card. MurPay only debits your account for the amount you spend, not what your code is worth–no need to worry if you request a $100 code and only spend $60.


Fill up your tank and go! You'll always drive away happy knowing you got the highest quality gasoline at the lowest possible price. With MurPay, filling up is safer than using your credit card since your MurPay codes are unique to you, can be cancelled at any time and cannot be stolen.

For more on how to get the cheapest gas prices posted every day*, watch our How MurPay Works video and get ready to TXT, PAY, GO with MurPay. Sign up today!

*May not be combined with other discounts, rebates or promotions.